Quiz: How Should You Spend New Year’s Eve?

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How should you celebrate the new year?

Happy New Year! I really love this time of year, as cheesy as my sentiments may be. I truly feel like each new year is a fresh start, and I think we’re all ready for a fresh start about now. 2012 was a pretty good year for me, and I’m hoping that 2013 will be even better 🙂

Over the years I’ve celebrated the new year in a variety of ways… everything from a rave (oh, the 90s!) to a chill evening at home with television. Over the years, Mr. Blogthings and I have found a bit of a happy medium. We got out, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends. We are almost always back home before midnight, but at least we feel like we got out in the world and celebrated a bit. It certainly helps now that we live in a warmer climate. I used to be more of a homebody when faced with a freezing New Year’s Eve.

So of course, all this got me thinking about a favorite quiz: How Should You Spend New Year’s Eve? Just in case any of you are on the fence, it will tell you what to do 🙂 I have a feeling your New Years plans are probably set at this point, but if you don’t have plans yet (and wish that you did), I encourage you to be spontaneous.

Take How Should You Spend New Year’s Eve?, and let me know what you get. Also, I’m curious to know what meaning this holiday has for you, if any. A lot of friends have told me that they built New Year’s Eve up so much over the years that it always ended up being a disappointment. I personally feel very romantic about this holiday, and I completely blame watching When Harry Met Sally as I was growing up!

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You Should Stay Home for New Year’s Eve

By the time New Year’s Eve comes around, you are usually exhausted. You just need to rest.
That doesn’t mean you won’t celebrate, but you’ll definitely be toasting the new year in your own low key way.

You’ll reflect on the year that’s passed and make plans for the year to come.
And when the clock turns over at midnight, you’ll be cheering along with anyone else. You’ll just be in your pj’s!

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