Quiz: Do You Have the Christmas Spirit?

snow covered Christmas tree with ornaments on it

I have to admit that until recently, I didn’t have much holiday spirit going on. I know, I know… pretty shameful for someone who likes the holidays as much as I do. That’s not to say I was a total Grinch or Scrooge. I just wasn’t thinking about the holidays.

But today, it happened. I started writing a holiday themed quiz for Blogthings, put on some holiday music, and drank a little nog. And really, that’s all it took. I had my holiday spirit back, and I don’t think it’s going away until January. It’s time to get the tree up, the presents bought and wrapped, and the cookies baking (my favorite part)!

What about you? Do You Have the Christmas Spirit? (Really, “holiday spirit.” All holiday celebrations are welcome at Blogthings!) This quiz will gauge your holiday spirit … and maybe even give you a few ideas of how to get more into the season. I know for myself, sometimes I just need to get started to get my holiday spirit going. I find it a little more difficult now that I live in a place with no snow, but there is something rather lovely about a sunny Christmas.

Anyway, take Do You Have the Christmas Spirit?, and let me know what you get. I’m curious to know which one of you has the most holiday spirit. And the least!

And let me know what you do to raise your holiday spirits and spread cheer to those around you. This is a happy time of year for many of us, but I also know that some dread the holidays. I’d love to exchange ideas about how we can make it better for everyone. The small thing I do is make sure I’m extra polite to retail clerks when I’m out shopping and considerate to other shoppers. Everyone is stressed, so I try to make it as easy on people as possible.

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9 replies on “Quiz: Do You Have the Christmas Spirit?”

My level was 40%. Probably because I skip the movies and music. I think it was too much of it in the past I am burnt out on them. As my son gets older I am sure I will start watching more as I show him the classics. Maybe I’ll be up next year. I swear I am not a scrooge! =)

Now that my nieces and nephews are all grown up I don’t buy for them any more. We don’t have kids, and I always tell friends and family in advance not to buy for us. Instead, we do a Christmas shoe box each to send to kids in the 3rd world, and make a Christmas donation to a children’s charity. We do buy something for each other, though.

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