Fiver Friday Holiday Edition

Picture of three five dollar bills
Who wants to win a five dollar gift card?

Edit: The contest is finished now, and Rachel is the winner! Thanks to everyone who entered, and I’ll see you next Friday 🙂

Welcome to another Fiver Friday! This is a Holiday Edition because the holidays are in full swing for some of us, depending on what you celebrate. We had a great Fiver Friday last week, giving out a $5 Amazon gift card to commenter Christina. Who will win this week? It could be you if you enter!

Here are the rules:

1) Comment on any blog post that includes a quiz sometime between 8AM Friday CST and 8AM Saturday CST.  (That’s the same as 2PM GMT.) Make sure you identify yourself with an email address (I will keep it private) or by logging in with WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter.

2) The comment must include something about your result and what you think of it.

3) Only comments on a quiz blog post qualify, so please don’t comment on this post as an contest entry. You are free to comment to ask any questions about the contest or to say what you think of this contest, but it won’t count as your official entry 🙂

4) Only one entry per contest, but you can enter (and win!) anytime the contest is held. If you comment multiple times, it will only count once – but it won’t be held against you.

5) A winner will be chosen randomly with a random number generator and announced right here in an update.

Please ask me any questions if the rules aren’t clear, as I’m happy to clarify.

Here are a few recent Blogthings quiz posts that you can use to enter. Commenting on any of these (as well as any other quiz post from the blog) counts as entering the contest. Don’t forget to include your result and your own feelings about it. Good luck and have fun!

Quiz: What’s the Part of You That No One Sees?
Quiz: Are You a Renaissance Man or Woman?
Quiz: The Holiday Card Test
Quiz: What Do You Love to Talk About?
Quiz: What’s Your Holiday Wish?
Quiz: What Handbag Are You?

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