New Quiz: What Handbag Are You?

bohemian leather bag with cutouts and studs
What kind of bag should you carry?

I’m happy to announce that there is a brand new quiz for Blogthings today. Thanks for all those who patiently waited for this one as I worked behind the scenes on other things! I’m hoping to get more new quizzes out every so often, especially if people seem to be enjoying them.

I’m especially excited to launch this quiz because it was my mom’s idea. Yup! Even my mom gives me quiz ideas. She said that I needed a straight up handbag personality quiz, and she was right. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t written one yet. So without further delay… What Handbag Are You?

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a wannabe when it comes to my handbag personality. I really wish that I was a chic boho bag girl. I’d love to have a cute and unique bag that I carry as my daily bag. While I do own a couple bags like this, I don’t use them every day. And here’s why… I like to carry my laptop with me.

Yup, I’m such a computer nerd that I have to put my laptop in my purse. And for me that means I have a very big bag. It’s stylish enough, but in my opinion, there’s only so much pizazz a big purse can have. But I need all my stuff with me 🙂 I guess you could say there’s nothing super low maintenance about how I roll. The upside is that if you need something, there’s a good chance it’s in that huge purse of mine!

Anyway, please take this new quiz, What Handbag Are You?, and let me know what you get. Also, tell me what sort of bag you carry most days and what it says about you! We won’t even get into how revealing the contents of our bags are. Save that for another quiz 😉

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8 replies on “New Quiz: What Handbag Are You?”

this was fairly accurate of me. I am not into bags because they get in the way, and I feel “cluttered up” by having to have one. I only carry my purse, keys and mobile in my bag. I refuse to carry my husband’s wallet, keys and glasses [ which he always tries to fob off on me]. I don’t like a bag any more than he does. Now he carries a ruck sack, which is handy when we go into the £ shop! LOL.

You are a Purse Bag (the analyisis fits – I wear more of a messenger bag, though, but an elegant one… :))

You’re a class act and a classic. You won’t fall for the shiniest of trends!
People may think you’re a bit stuck up, but that’s only because they are intimidated by you.

You don’t have a mean bone in your body, and you’re actually an amazingly thoughtful and together person.
You are prepared for every occasion, and you handle everything with grace. Your manners are impeccable.

I got boho bag for this quiz, which I think fits my personality. As I said before though, I can only be so boho with my huge bag! I do carry a big, funky bag – but it’s not as cute as I’d like. Maybe this means I need to streamline my life a bit 🙂

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