Quiz: What Do You Love to Talk About?

two young women in jeans sitting by the lake talking
What is your favorite topic of conversation?

Isn’t it amazing how the most quiet person you know opens up when discussing certain subjects? Conversely, even the biggest chatter around has a few things that make him or her clam up. While I agree that we all have a certain amount of extroversion and introversion, I don’t think that things are that simple. There are subjects that make us want to talk, connect, and relate. And there are subjects that cause us to reflect, listen, or even recoil.

Do you relate? I know for myself there are many subjects I love to talk about: my passions, my friends, travel, ideas… But there are also subjects that I’m less likely to want to weigh in on, especially in a group of strangers or acquaintances. When the conversation turns to politics, current events, or religion, I tend to listen more than speak out. I personally prefer to reflect on these topics rather than get into a conversation that may lead to an argument.

Thinking about all of the above lead me to write the quiz: What Do You Love to Talk About?   I wanted to write a quiz that helped you see what subjects make you light up. Take it, and share it with your friends to find out who may be the best conversational parters. If a friend likes to talk about the same things as you, you’ll probably be set to talk for hours. But if a friend doesn’t like to talk about the same things as you do, well, be prepared for a lot of listening.

Is What Do You Love to Talk About? accurate for you? Comment below and let me know. My result said that I like to talk about ideas – which is totally accurate. I’d love to know which of you out there are also idea people. Let’s get a conversation started 😉

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