Quiz: The Holiday Card Test

holiday card with a drawing of two snowmen at night
What do your holiday cards say about you?

It’s that time of year again for me. The time of year I both love and still somehow dread – holiday card season. I love both receiving and sending out holiday cards, even though every year I procrastinate until the last minute. I’m not really entirely sure why that is 😉

Growing up, a lot of my friends’ families were in the military. So I’d be great friends with someone for a few years, and then they’d be gone forever. (These were the days before the internet was a thing. Pretty scary!) Anyway, every year I would anxiously check our family’s mailbox a few times a day. I loved getting cards from old friends. I missed them so much, and this time of year I would hear from all of them. In some ways, it was my favorite part of the holidays. Even better than the presents and the treats.

Of course, now that we do have the internet, holiday cards have fallen out of fashion with some people, especially those my age and younger. I still send them though! Call me old school, but I think there is something especially nice about a handwritten card. In this era of digital communication, they are more important than ever. Yes, they are a bit of a pain to do, but like all difficult things in life, they are worth it.

So before I sit down to address my holiday cards this year (or Christmas cards – not getting into that debate), I wanted to revisit a favorite Blogthings quiz: The Holiday Card Test – I had so much fun creating this quiz because the images really inspired me.

Give it a try, and let me know what your result was. Was it accurate for you? And I’m curious, do you like receiving holiday cards? Do you send them as well?

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You Are Down to Earth

You prefer to celebrate the holidays in your own laid back way. You don’t need a lot of glitz or glamour.
If you attend holiday parties, they tend to be a quiet affair. You are past being rowdy.

This time of year has deep meaning for you. It’s fine if others don’t share that meaning, but you’re not about to turn your back on it.
You like to celebrate an old fashioned Christmas. All these new “traditions” give you a headache.

I don’t do everything the traditional way (I do somewhat) on Christmas or anything for that matter.

Opening presents on Christmas eve and Christmas day. And I just do whatever else I feel like such as looking at lights while driving by (I’m never the driver), hanging out in stores where Christmas decorations are (sometimes by myself sometimes not), etc.

I forgot to mention I went to a parade once years ago in Arkansas, with other things to do before the parade started which I hope to do again where I live.

What do you think?

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