Welcome to Fiver Friday!

Picture of three five dollar bills

Who wants to win a five dollar gift card?

Edit: The contest is finished for this week, and Christina is the winner! Thanks to everyone who entered, and no worries if you didn’t win this time… you’ll have another chance next Friday πŸ™‚

Original post:

So starting today, Blogthings is going to have an ongoing contest called Fiver Friday! I’ll start with the good stuff, the prize… This week it’s going to be a five dollar gift card to Amazon.com Who doesn’t love shopping there? Just enough cash to get someone you love (or yourself) a stocking stuffer.

I’ll be changing up the prizes to keep things fun, but it will always be in the five dollar denomination. (Blogthings is on a budget, like many of you!) I get the free gift cards to give out from Swagbucks, which I highly recommend if you’re looking an extra way to save this holiday. I can’t promise to do it every week, but I will do it whenever I have earned any gift cards with them πŸ˜‰ It’s my way of saying thank you for all your support over the years.

Here are the rules:

1) Comment on any blog post that includes a quiz sometime between 8AM Friday CST and 8AM Saturday CST. Β (That’s the same as 2PM GMT.) Make sure you identify yourself with an email address (I will keep it private) or by logging in with WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter.

2) The comment must include something about your result and what you think of it.

3) Only comments on a quiz blog post qualify, so please don’t comment on this post as an contest entry. You are free to comment to ask any questions about the contest or to say what you think of this contest, but it won’t count as your official entry πŸ™‚

4) Only one entry per contest, but you can enter (and win!) anytime the contest is held. If you comment multiple times, it will only count once – but it won’t be held against you.

5) A winner will be chosen randomly with a random number generator and announced right here in an update.

Please ask me any questions if the rules aren’t clear, as I’m happy to clarify.

To get you started, here are a few recent Blogthings quiz posts. Commenting on any of these (as well as any other quiz post from the blog) counts as entering the contest. Make sure to include your result and what you think of it. Happy contesting!

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What do you think?

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    1. kari Post author

      Hey Meg – I moved your comment over to the actual quiz post. Feel free to resubmit it there with the correct account / picture. Either way, your entry will count! Thanks for participating πŸ™‚