Quiz: Where Should Your Inner New Yorker Live?

cab in front of the empire state building in New York City
What kind of New Yorker would you be?

Lately I’ve been getting the bug to move to New York City. Does that ever happen to you? I could totally imagine myself as a New Yorker… if I only had the cash ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ever since I was a young girl, I have dreamed of big buildings and bright lights. While this dream has mellowed over the years, it has been difficult to shake it completely. My big apple dreams are what inspired the quizย Where Should Your Inner New Yorker Live?

When I dream of New York, I dream of living in a different neighborhood each time. Let’s just say that my results for this quiz are all over the board, depending on whatever kind of mood I am in. ย Some days I think I’d like to start a little locally sourced food company in Brooklyn. Other days I think I’m destined to be a novelist living the bohemian lifestyle in Greenwich Village. And on my craziest days, I’m willing to chuck it all to go be an artist in Soho. (I’d love to be an Upper West Side or Upper East Side girl, but I somehow just don’t think I fit in up there.)

No matter where I lived, I know I would love New York. There’s so much to do and see, and I love art museums, theater, parks, and great restaurants. Plus, I don’t think New York City during the holidays can be beat.

What about you? Do you dream of living in NYC? Or have you made it there already? What’s your New York City personality like? Take my quiz,ย Where Should Your Inner New Yorker Live?, and let me know about your New York Dream by commenting below.

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13 replies on “Quiz: Where Should Your Inner New Yorker Live?”

I can see that! I love both places… well at least, some of Brooklyn I’ve been to like Park Slope / Brooklyn Heights. Very jealous of where you live ๐Ÿ™‚

Soho and Brooklyn both describe me somewhat. And I’m not a hard worker though I’m willing to do some odd jobs if I get paid for it.

I just discovered upper east side describes me somewhat too what with being conservative yet appreciating good art and culture. I’ve never gotten 3 descriptions that describe me somewhat before.

What do you think?

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