Quiz: What Christmas Tree Are You?

Decorated Christmas Tree With Several Wrapped Presents
What kind of Christmas tree should you have?

All of a sudden, Christmas trees are everywhere. Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve seen Christmas trees by the side of the road for sale, and I also saw them at the grocery store last weekend. I’m loving this development. I think the smell of a pine tree is the number one thing that makes me feel like it’s the holidays. Well, besides hearing holiday music everywhere!

Besides seeing unadorned trees out and about, I’ve be noticing the decorated trees that friends (including many Blogthings fans) have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While it’s true that I’m feeling like a bit of a slacker for not having my tree up yet, I have also found these Christmas tree pictures to be inspiring! So many of you have an amazing sense of style when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Can I just come and live with you this month?

Are you going to have a Christmas tree this year? I don’t always do one, but I’m going to try to have my first Christmas tree in a while. I hope my dog doesn’t eat it 🙂 After a couple recent moves, I’m a little short on holiday decorations, so I’m looking to start fresh with new stuff. When I say fresh start, I mean it. I own absolutely zero Christmas ornaments right now. So yeah, it’s time for me to get moving and get creative. You all have been helping me with your lovely pictures! And besides getting inspired from all you, What Christmas Tree Are You? also inspired me.

Of course, my only problem now is that I’m a little too inspired. Every type of holiday decor appeals to me. It’s hard to pick just one. What Christmas Tree Are You? says that I am a Bright Christmas Tree, so maybe I should just go with that. Decisions, decisions!

Take the quiz, and comment below to let me know your result and what you think of it. And if you have time, tell me how your Christmas tree reflects your personality.

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There were 3 answers on the last question I picked (home tokyo and new york) by going back to the last page and it seems I’m a mix of traditional and bright.

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