Quiz: What Kind of Dreamer Are You?

Misty lake or ocean at sunrise
What are your dreams like?

I have a theory about most Blogthings quiz takers. I think you are all big dreamers of some sort. Maybe you have amazing goals for your life and spend a lot of time dreaming of success. Or maybe you’re a vivid daydreamer – the type who can get lost in one’s own inner world, no matter what the outside world is doing. Or maybe you’re a big dreamer in the literal sense. Your dreams at night might be colorful, wild, and memorable.

Why do I think this? Because Blogthings quiz takers understand the outcomes I write so well and so thoroughly. You are all an empathetic and imaginative crowd. Even if an outcome is not very long or detailed, you get what I am trying to say. And to have that sort of connection to the written word, I believe that you need to be a dreamer of some sort. I myself am a big daydreamer.

When the world is boring (or even just a little too ordinary), you can find me lost in my head, thinking of places imagined or far away. I’ve acted out every possible path and scenario that I can think of. My brain is full of possibilities, and all of them seem real, detailed, and juicy. So it’s no surprise to me that I’m a Creative Dreamer. My dreams (and yes even day dreams) continue to surprise and delight me. It’s like a whole different person is writing them. If my art was as interesting as my dreams, I’d be set for life.

What about you? What Kind of Dreamer Are You? Please take my quiz, and comment below with what you get. I’m also curious to know who is more of a day dreamer and who is more of an actual night dreamer. Or are you both?

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9 replies on “Quiz: What Kind of Dreamer Are You?”

You Are a Down to Earth Dreamer

Just because you’re practical, it doesn’t mean you don’t dream.
You just like to put your dreams into action more than most people.

At first you dream big, but then you stop and think… Can your dream actually be achieved?
You’re willing to rethink and refine your dream until it is possible. And then you go act on it!

The first few times I took this test I got energetic dreamer, but this time I chose 1 answer differently on the changing the world question (first few times yes in little ways this time maybe) and got this result which definitely describes me.

Creativity is important to me but I’m not exactly dreamy about it.

You are a creative dreamer.

You dream big, and you often are willing to think of ideas that others wouldn’t dare dream about.
You don’t just think outside the box – you’re not even aware of the box being there!

You can solve problems that other people think are impossible. You always explore all options.
Where others see nothing, you see possibilities. For you, the world is rich with potential.


Yet another spot on result!

What do you think?

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