Quiz: Are You Careful, Conscientious, or Carefree?

Happy woman dancing by the side of the road
Are you as carefree as she is?

Have you ever noticed how some people don’t have a care in the world while others worry about every tiny thing? Are You Careful, Conscientious, or Carefree?

Psychologists agree that some people are more conscientious than others. A lot of our tendencies in this area are based on genes and upbringing, but there are some actions we can take to “move the needle.” That means that even if you were born super careful or super carefree, you may not end up that way. You can work towards a happy medium. For myself personally, I know there are some areas in my life where I’d like to be more carefree – as well as some where I’d like to be more conscientious.

Here’s a little personal inventory for myself:

– More careful: I’d like to be more careful when it comes to things around the house. I could use a bit of slowing down when it comes to chores, especially cooking. I’d like to be more careful in the maintenance of the things I own so I don’t have to replace them so much.

– More conscientious: I’d like to be more conscientious with my health and well being. I’d like to make good choices for diet and exercise that benefit me in the long term … instead of just doing what feels good at the time.

– More carefree: Like most people, I’d like to be more carefree with my personal connections. I’d like to be more willing to take the first step in friendship. I’d also like to be more carefree in my personal hobbies and interests. There’s so much to learn! Finally, I’d like to be more carefree in my travels. It would be awesome to see the world 🙂

What about you? Are You Careful, Conscientious, or Carefree? And more importantly, are you happy where you fall? Comment below, and let me know in which areas of your life you’d like to be more carefree, more conscientious, and more careful.

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8 replies on “Quiz: Are You Careful, Conscientious, or Carefree?”

Interesting. I bet that’s how you are able to stay so conscientious. I think there’s only so much conscientiousness we have every day, so it’s important to use it on what matters 😉

You like to live an orderly, organized life. You thrive with structure.
You believe that change tends to bring problems, and you consider new changes cautiously.

You’ve figured out systems that work for you in life, and you rely on those systems for stability.
Some people may think you’re uptight, but your routine allows you to worry less and live more.

Interesting! You strike me as a person who is both carefree and careful, depending on the situation. Do you feel like you have the right mix? In what ways would you like to be more or less careful?

Your powers of observation serves you well. 🙂 I’m very structured and detail-oriented at duties like work & paying bills. Also like arranging books & teas… but very relaxed when off duty, on the whole.

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