Quiz: How Should You De-Stress? This Quiz Will Tell You How to Relax!

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What could you do to relax?

Is anyone feeling stressed now that the holidays are upon us? I know that I am. There’s so much to do and so little time to do it. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed this time of the year. Some days I feel like I forget to breathe.

When I get stressed, I know that I can handle it in constructive or destructive ways. Constructive ways of de-stressing include yoga, decompressing with a good book, doing breathing exercises, getting out on a walk, or taking a nice long bath. Destructive ways of de-stressing are more like overindulging, getting mad, and watching too much television. And while the destructive ways of de-stressing feel so good at the time, I have to remind myself that constructive de-stressing is the only way I’m going to get through the holiday.

With all that in mind, I wrote this quiz: How Should You De-stress? It gives me (and you) a way to relax a little when times are difficult, and it won’t break your bank or diet. If you’re anything like me, once you’re in the middle of feeling stressed, it’s extremely difficult to figure out what to do next. This quiz can help you with that. I turn to it whenever things are feeling crazy, and just taking it helps me feel like I’m venting a bit. Once I hit submit, I feel like I’ve gotten whatever is bothering me out of my system. And when I see my outcome, I smile or laugh – because it’s exactly right in what I need to do.

So go ahead and try it! Figure out  How Should You De-stress?, even if you’re not feeling a bit stressed today. I think relaxation is both ameliorative and preventative.

Also, please do me a little favor and let me know below what your favorite way of chilling out is. It might help me (or a fellow Blogthings reader) out this holiday season. And you never know, your advice may even make it into a future quiz!

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You Should Exercise

Part of what’s stressing you out is the anger you feel toward others or the situation you’re in.
You don’t want to be stressed out, but factors out of your control are really messing with your mind.

You can work out some of those demons in a productive way through exercise. And it can be any exercise you choose.
Go for a walk or a run. Chill out with yoga. Really get out some aggression with boxing. In the end, you’ll be glad you did it.

I’m lazy and tend to get angry whenever something (or someone) bothers me, I could use some exercise, though I’m not into boxing or yoga.

It was a good one. And the only exercise I get is walking to the nearby store (and gas station though not quite as often) almost everyday but it’s not enough. I think I should do what I use to do in P.E. as a kid, and maybe hit the gym sometimes.

This result describes me perfectly – music is for using in different situations! I don’t think there’s any harm in overindulging or watching televison at times, though, as long as it’s not happening too often.

I agree completely Monica! I think for myself, it’s all about listening to my inner state and seeing what’s best for me. Mindful vs mindless de-stressing. Thanks for commenting 🙂

You Should Play Some Music

Post it now!

Part of what’s stressing you out is that you can’t stop thinking about your problems. Whenever you try to relax, you can’t stop your mind from racing.
The best thing you can do is crowd out your thoughts. And there’s no easier way to do this than by cranking some music.

Dancing is optional but highly recommended. Give yourself a break from your stress and really let loose.
Or put on some of your old favorite music (happy music only though!). Sit back and remember what it was like not to be so overwhelmed.

What do you think?

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