Do You Love Crafting?

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What craft should you do?

Are you a crafter? I personally love crafting. There’s something very calming about working with my hands, and I love the final product. I always wish I did more crafting than I actually do. Knitting and needlepoint are my two favorite crafty hobbies. I wish I could crochet and make jewelry. And I’d really like to get more into sewing again 🙂

I sometimes dream of being good enough at crafting to open up my own little Etsy shop or farmer’s market stall. The life of a professional crafter seems glamorous to me, especially when I’ve been spending too much time on my computer. I believe that it is very important for us to do work with our hands – from gardening to writing to cooking. And definitely crafting! I’m afraid that nothing I make is really that unique, but I still enjoy the process. I enjoy giving away handmade goods made with love, even if they aren’t going to turn heads or end up on Pinterest.

Right now I’m working on a warm wool cowl for Mr. Blogthings, as we are going to be in a very cold place next weekend. It’s something nice to do while I catch up with my favorite shows on Netflix. Anyone else a huge crafter while watching online shows addict? Are you working on anything fun, crafting wise?

Anyway, if you like crafting, or even if you’re just crafting curious, you should take my quiz – What Crafty Hobby Should You Take Up? Then please comment below and tell me which crafty hobby you should take up – and which one you do, if any. I have a feeling that quiz takers are also a pretty crafty bunch, so let me know what sort of creative things you do.

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There’s more than one choice I like but only the photography description seems to describe me. But I love to create sometimes (it’s been a while though) and would love to create my own video game(s) sometime, now if only I wasn’t lazy.

I don’t know where else to put these ideas so I’ll put them here. There could be a couple quizzes about video games, one could tell what kind of gamer and the type of games people who take the quiz like to play, the other could tell what kind of games quiz takers would likely make if they got into game design or are in it already. These ideas were inspired by a couple other tests on helloquizzy and okcupid

Great ideas! I am always looking for new inspiration, and I think quizzes about video games would be a huge hit. Thanks for taking the time to write these out 🙂

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