Making a List… iPad or Kindle?

iPad and Kindle Fire lined up together
Which do you prefer? An iPad or a Kindle?

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to get out those wishlists! For most people I know, either a Kindle or an iPad is at the top of the list. What about you? Are you hoping for either this year? I know that most of you prefer to curl up with a physical book, and while that’s what I prefer too, there’s ebooks are quite convenient. And of course, a tablet like an iPad opens a whole slew of non-reading possibilities..

I prefer an iPad myself, but I still mostly just read on it 🙂 Okay, I guess I also do some web surfing too. As someone who spends a lot of time working on her laptop every day, I enjoy having a device that is for fun only. Every time I try to surf the web on my iPad, I just end up working. It’s basically impossible for me to work on my iPad, so I cherish it for that reason.

But iPads are expensive, and with software updates / frequent use, they become slower over time. For this reason, I also really like the Kindle. They are much more reasonably priced and very well suited for reading. I love how I can tuck a Kindle in one of my smaller bags and take it on the go. I’m also a big fan of the Kindle screen, which is very easy on my eyes after a day of computer use.

Take my quiz: Are You An iPad or a Kindle? to discover if you’re more like a Kindle or an iPad. Comment and let me know what you got and if you agree. I’m also curious… do you have a Kindle or an iPad? Or do you happen to have another tablet or reading device, like an Android tablet or a Nook? If you don’t own any yet, which do you think you would prefer?

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