Happy Black Friday!

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Happy Black Friday for those of you who celebrate it (and even for those of you who don’t)! I have a few fun topical quizzes for you to take. And if you’re wondering, no, I’m definitely not celebrating Black Friday. I am in my comfy warm apartment with a beautiful mountain view writing this blog post instead 🙂

  1. What’s Your Black Friday Shopping Style? – If you were going to go nuts for Black Friday, what kind of shopper would you be? (I think I’d be the type that cowers in the corner at the back of the store.)

  2. Should You Celebrate Buy Nothing Day? – Are protesting this crazy consumer “holiday”? Take this quiz to learn if you should boycott Black Friday (or at least stay home and sleep in!)

  3. Should You Shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday? – Determined to get some holiday shopping done? Take this quiz to find out what holiday shopping strategy you should adopt.

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You Are an Online Deal Seeker

You are technologically savvy and extremely comfortable with online shopping.
When it comes to Black Friday, there’s no other choice but to shop online. How else can you be at multiple stores at once?

Besides, you don’t even have to leave your warm home to shop. You may have to get up early to get the best deals, but at least you can do it in your pj’s.
You don’t need the stress of crazy crowds and long lines. The sales are just as good online!

Unfortunately I have to rely on others to help me get stuff online since I don’t have a credit card and can’t use paypal.

You Should Embrace Black Friday

You agree the some people’s holiday spending is out of control, but you think Buy Nothing Day just takes the fun out of everything.
Besides, you feel like shopping is doing your part to make the economy a little better. Plus, those sales can’t be beaten.

So go ahead and hit those early morning sales. It’s a genuine holiday tradition and a lot of fun.
Cutting back can begin once the holidays are over. For now, you’ll make the most of the season.

I like this result. But I don’t spend too much during the holidays since most of the money I have is for food and drinks, that and I leave most of the Christmas shopping to certain family members.

What do you think?

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