The Importance of Tea (at Least Today)

Cup of black tea with no milk or sugar

After a long journey yesterday, I woke up needing a cup of tea like I’ve never needed one before. If I don’t have enough tea, I feel cranky and out of sorts. I’m not normal again until I have that steaming cup of goodness in my hands. Luckily, I had just enough energy this morning to roll out of bed, put my slippers on, and get the kettle started.

This morning it’s back to basics, and I’m dong a strong Irish breakfast tea with a splash of almond milk. No time to fool around – I need something intense and powerful to get me going! I love all sorts of tea depending on my mood and needs. A basic black tea is always how I start my morning off, and to be honest, it’s usually one cup before breakfast and one cup after breakfast. In the afternoon, I might opt for chai or a flavored black tea to inspire me. Or if I’m already inspired, a balancing green tea. After dinner I usually do an herbal tea  – I love mint for these times.

While my tea is brewing away, and I started thinking about my favorite Blogthings tea quizzes. I love to write about tea because it’s my biggest key to writing quizzes. I think the caffeine helps me get focused, but more than anything, I think my best ideas are formed when I step away from the computer a bit. Taking time for tea is an important ritual that helps me stay sane in this crazy world.

What about you? What kind of tea are you today? Take What Kind of Tea Are You?, and let me know! I’m also curious to know if you’re a fan of tea, and if so, what kind? How do you take your tea? Cream? Sugar? Iced?

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