What Airplane Seat Are You?

inside of a huge airplane cabin with many rows of seats
Are you an aisle seat, middle seat, or window seat?

Getting up bright and early tomorrow (actually, so early that it won’t be bright!) to travel back to my hometown for Thanksgiving. Oh, Thanksgiving travel – I both love it and dread it. It’s great to catch up with my family during the holidays, but I know that no one likes the holiday travel slog. I try to make the best of it though. What about you? Are you traveling this year?

Anytime I take an airplane, I can’t help but think about how there are “window seat personalities” and “aisle seat personalities.” I am definitely a window seat personality. I wouldn’t mind the access of an aisle seat, but I always seem to get physically bumped by other passengers. So I prefer to tuck in to my little window seat. Of course, the view is amazing from up there, but I even like just having a wall to myself. I can curl up a bit and know that no one is going to bother me.

What about you? Do you request a window seat or an aisle seat? And is there anyone reading who’s crazy enough to prefer a middle seat? In my informal poll of people I know, people seem to be split evenly between aisle and window seats. My favorite thing to ever have happen is when Mr. Blogthings and I get on a little plane with two seats on each side of the row. That way he can have his aisle seat, I can have my window seat, and there’s no middle seat that anyone is stuck with. It’s a rare occurrence, but it’s a happy one.

Be sure to take my quiz, What Airplane Seat Are You?, to confirm your airplane seat personality. Let me know what you get. Does is match up with your actual preference?

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