The Colorful Pattern Test

Isn’t it amazing how much we can be attracted to certain images? When I saw this image set, it was just so bright and happy. The colors really inspired me – I love the way the bold reds contrast with the lighter blues and browns. I knew it would be turned into a quiz when the time was right, and today’s the day! Please take my newest quiz: The Colorful Pattern Test

I was inspired to write this quiz because I think we all have very strong reactions to patterns. The patterns I surround myself are pretty important to me – they inspire me, calm me, cheer me up, and make me feel at home. I know for myself there are some that I love and some that I can’t stand – and I’m not even sure the reason why. If you’ve ever tried to choose an interior design pattern with a loved one, then you know how dicey pattern preferences can be. We each have our own ideas about what we like, and my goodness, it can take a while to find something everyone agrees on.

I know that even for myself, the type of pattern I’m into can be very dependent on my current mood. Some days I’m all about stripes, while other days I’ll go for polka dots. So I think that The Colorful Pattern Test can be a great way of checking in with oneself to see what’s going on internally. Am I craving chaos? Order? Excitement? Taking this quiz can give me a clear of idea of exactly what I’m missing at any given moment – and what I need to bring fun back into my life.

So please go ahead and take The Colorful Pattern Test. What result did you get? Did my quiz accurately capture what is fun about you? Comment below and let me know!

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You Are Fun Because You Don’t Have Hangups

You inspire others with your far out visions and concepts. You get people excited.
You love undertaking new and interesting projects. You have lots of ideas.

You feel like the world doesn’t have limits. You certainly don’t set limits for yourself.
You live primarily inside your own mind. You happily spend a lot of time thinking.

You Are Fun Because You’re Bold

“You act from the heart, and it shows. You are refreshingly generous.
You are courageous and always a positive thinker. You can take on the world.”

I always think before acting, so I wouldn’t say I act from the heart.

“You can help people communicate together and work with each other’s strengths. You are able to lead or follow.”

I’ve worked with many teams and had to perform various roles, so I’m pretty versatile.

“You don’t let fear or anxiety stand in the way. If there’s something to be done, you’ll do it.”

I’m learning to stop fear from getting in my way. Often times, I’m my own biggest obstacle.

Not exactly me and a very difficult one to choose as these are certainly not patterns/colours I like.I ended up taking the less gaudy pattern simply for that reason. I suppose that in itself is very telling but the result is not really me.

What do you think?

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