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Do you love adventure… or at least dream of it? I think we all do. I’ve noticed that for myself, my idea of adventure has changed over time. When I was younger, I used to dream of the places I could move to and visit. I traveled to some exciting places like rural Uruguay, mainland China, and the New Zealand coast. Later on, I really got into adventure sports. I enjoyed pushing myself physically and mentally. I remember how much of a thrill I got repelling down a cliff and tubing with glowworms.

Now I seek adventure in chiller ways. I think life is a grand adventure, and I like to take smaller every day risks like starting a new art project or trying to cook a new cuisine. Maybe one day I will get back to my globetrotting, adrenaline seeking ways, but this is not the phase of life for that. I make sure to find small adventures every day though. Adventure is not about where you go or how many bragging rights you get for what you’re doing. It’s about trying something new and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

I thought it would be fun to do a quiz that matches up personalty types with adventure pictures. So, here you go! The Adventure Test All you need to do is pick the image of the adventure that appeals to you the most, and you’ll get some interesting feedback on your personality. Depending on the day, any of these adventures could appeal to me.

Comment below, and let me know what you think of your result from The Adventure Test. Does it fit you well? Also please tell me what your greatest adventure has been so far. It can be anything from traveling the world to changing schools 🙂

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  1. You Are Philosophical

    You feel connected, trusting, and content. You feel at peace with your place in the world.
    You are autonomous and fulfilled. You know how to make yourself happy.

    You cherish all of the little things life offers you. You are easily fascinated, and you enjoy new experiences.
    You have an incredible amount of inner strength. Use it, and you can achieve almost anything.

  2. Oh my goodness, almost all of them look like so much fun! Love this one! It was a toss-up between the two hiking pictures with the rock climbing in a close third (I enjoy climbing but I value my life too much to do that kind of climbing, lol).

    Here was the top choice:
    “You are Philosophical–

    You feel connected, trusting, and content. You feel at peace with your place in the world. You are autonomous and fulfilled. You know how to make yourself happy.

    You cherish all of the little things life offers you. You are easily fascinated, and you enjoy new experiences. You have an incredible amount of inner strength. Use it, and you can achieve almost anything.”
    —–>Yes, almost all of it! The only thing is the “feeling at peace with your place in the world,” only because I feel like I still haven’t found it 😉

    “You are bold–

    You are bold, adventurous, and even brazen. You feel like the world is your oyster.
    You’re a big dreamer – such a big dreamer that reality can disappoint you.

    You are a self starter and self-reliant. You prefer to do things on your own and reap all the rewards. You are great in a crisis because you are willing to point out problems and speak the truth.”
    ———–>”You’re a big dream-such a big dreamer that reality can disappoint you.” Very true. I’ve been frustrated by the way the “real world” works and often daydream about ways to live outside of it, lol. Self-starter and self-reliant–pretty much. I love doing things on my own mostly because I get to do them at my own pace and get to have my own experience, without anyone else’s input as it’s happening. The self-reliant part could use some work–I’m a pretty lousy cook and subsist largely off cereal, eggs and toast….it’s a work in progress 😉

    1. You say you like to do things without anyone else’s input. I realize you must have meant that you like making your own decisions and not having to listen to anyone else, but you shouldn’t completely block people off. Sometimes it’s good to consult with someone else about your ideas. Fresh eyes never hurt, and they often bring things to your attention that would have never occurred to you. Just my two cents.

      1. Hi Anna!

        I probably didn’t word it completely right. I don’t completely block people off. I was trying to find the right words to describe what I meant. I grew up in a pretty tight family where we hardly ever did anything individually. Sports, vacation, school functions, etc. Everything was done together, as a family. It felt like I didn’t get to have my own personal experience of things. So, now I really enjoy going out and doing things on my own and experiencing them MYSELF first–before I hear what other people think about it. It’s cool to see what I am capable of and what I see when I’m by myself (rather than ALWAYS with another person as I was when I was younger).

        My best examples are when I go hiking. I love (and usually prefer) to go hiking on my own (though I almost always text someone to let them know where I am, just in case ;-). I like finding my own way around a trail and I usually take twice as long to hike a trail because I stop to explore and take pictures. I like being able to see things through my eyes first and go at my own pace. Hiking with other people is fun as well because I see different things and get to share the experience AS it is happening (rather than posting about it later) but it’s still one of the activities that I really enjoy doing on my own.

        I really value other people’s views of things–otherwise I wouldn’t write on here as much as I do 😉 –for all the reasons that you said. There’s no way I could possibly know everything about the world and I learn a lot from talking with other people. What I was trying to say is that I’ve also really learned to value the way that I see and experience things. Either way, thank you for YOUR input 😉

  3. You Are Energetic

    “You are open to the world and ready for anything. You know better than to try to predict how your life will turn out.”

    Always be prepared! I forget whose motto that is, but I also adopt it.

    “You are adventurous and daring. You’re dying to take risks every day.”

    I guess that depends on what you consider to be a risk.

    “You are rarely alone, and you do best in the company of others. People energize you.”

    I’m rarely alone, but I prefer to be. Haha.

    “Change is in your blood, and you don’t stick to much for long. You are a very dynamic person.”

    Always changing, always improving.

    My only complaint about this quiz is that the images were a bit difficult to see clearly what was going on.

    1. Good feedback! I agree about the images… we are looking to make them bigger over time, because the images are an important element of the quizzes 🙂

  4. You Are Content

    You seek moderation by compensating for extremes. If you’re extreme one way, you’re also extreme the other way.
    While you can be brutally honest, you’re still quite a charmer. You say it all with a smile.

    You are magnetic, endearing, and people tend to love you. You are a positive force in this world.
    You’re a bit of an introvert, but you’re never lonely. You know how to entertain yourself.

    1. Interesting… this seems like it would all be true for you. I can’t remember if you consider yourself an introvert or not. Most Blogthings takers are introverts, from what I have observed 🙂

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