Quiz: The Sugar Test

box of six different types of sugar including brown and white sugar
What makes you sweet?

Who doesn’t love a little sugar now and then? Yes, it’s not the healthiest choice, but I can’t help but get excited even when I see it all on its own. I try to limit my sugar intake, but I also love to have something sweet. One thing I do to get my fix is avoid putting much sugar in things like baked goods, but then I sprinkle a bit on top so that my taste buds won’t miss it. Makes a world of difference.

Even though this quiz is about sugar, it’s also about something much more important… sweetness. I love sweet people, and I’m a big fan of being as sweet as I can to others. It’s not the easiest to maintain kindness and compassion when things are tough, but I try. I believe if I can be as sweet as possible, I can make others see what is sweet about life.

I also appreciate sweet people more and more as I get older. When I was younger, I valued hanging around people who were smart, different, and edgy … even if they weren’t the nicest people around. These days, kindness is much more important to me. Intelligence and being weird is still cool, but I am not so fond of that bitter edge anymore. I guess I’m just mellowing out.

Are you like me and also like sugar? Or are you simply a sweet person? If so, you’ll love my latest quiz: The Sugar Test It’s the type of image quiz you know and love – just one click to get your personality result. I shook things up for this one a bit, and your result will tell you what you find sweet. I can’t imagine anything more relevant to pictures of sugar.

What do you think of this one? Let me know what your result on The Sugar Test was and how well it fits you. What do you do to bring a little sweetness into this world?

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You Think Life is Sweet

“You are emotionally in tune with everyone you meet. You rarely read people wrong.”

Funny, people have told me that I’m hard to read.

“You have amazing levels of concentration. You can focus completely on any problem until it is solved.”

I’m getting better at this as time goes on.

“You are a mystical person at times. You believe there’s more to this world than what you see.”

I wouldn’t say I’m ‘mystical.’ I just see possibilities, and room for improvement.

“You can’t help but see the world as how you want it to be. You are an idealist.”

Yes! This is what I was referring to, two lines up. I see how to make the world better and more efficient.

“You think compassion is sweet–

You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends – and love them for who they are. You are fair, principled, and very tolerant. You live without prejudice.

You see life as a gift, as bad as things may get. Gratitude is a way of life for you.
You respect others – regardless of their beliefs of background. You are accepting.”
Very accurate, this is how I strive to live my life.

What do you think?

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