The Bridge Test

I love bridges. They remind me of road trips, possibilities, and new beginnings! Do you agree? Take my latest quiz to find out what you serve as a bridge to: The Bridge Test

Comment below and let me know what your result was. How accurate is it? Hope you like this one πŸ™‚

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Hmmm, not sure what to tell you. We haven’t changed our FB sharing at all, but sometimes it doesn’t work on Facebook’s end for particular accounts. I can only tell you to keep trying πŸ™‚

“You are a Bridge to Healing–

You are nurturing and supportive. You are the biggest cheerleader in your friends lives. You are incredibly empathetic and care about everyone you know. You feel for others.

Emotions rule your decisions, especially when it comes to love. You have a sensitive heart. You can easily see the beauty in others. You appreciate them, and you never cling too tightly.”

—>spot on…although I’m rarely one who lets my emotions rule my decisions. In fact they weren’t even allowed an opinion for a while, lol. But I am learning that your emotions can be a good guide, the trick is figuring out how to use your brain to follow them wisely πŸ˜‰

I wonder why it’s not possible to share the test results in FB anymore… I haven’t been able to share one since last week πŸ™

You Are a Bridge to Success

You only know how to live authentically. You’re not the type of person who can fake it.
When you allow yourself to be serious, you can be a moving and articulate speaker.

You are often experimenting. You challenge old ideas, and invent new concepts.
You really love life, and it shows. You are easy to get to know.

This describes me well except I’m not easy to get to know.

I also got success.

“You only know how to live authentically. You’re not the type of person who can fake it.”
This is the part I agree with most. Though I remember we are both unlikeable people because of this, according to a previous quiz. πŸ˜›

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