The Wild Eye Makeup Test

I wish I could be one of those women who pull off really outrageous eye makeup. Forget pulling it off… I’m not even sure I have the eye-hand coordination to put it on 🙂 So instead I wrote this quiz: The Wild Eye Makeup Test

What do you think of it? Comment below and share your result / impressions!

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I got ‘dreamer’…. 🙂
I’m sorry, Kari, but didn’t we have this quiz before? I remember vaguely taking a similar (if not the same) quiz.

I think your respin quiz is actually an imrpovement, because the result describe myself better than the one before…. 🙂

This one was a tough one because I don’t wear any make-up….at all. Not even if I have a break-out going on. My theory, eventually the make-up will come off and people will see what you really look like, so might as well put it out there to begin with.

But, enough of me on my soap box 😉 I was curious so I took it. Here’s what I got:

“You are resilient:

You possess a unique grace that’s both delicate and strong. You are very balanced in your approach to life. No one knows what’s coming tomorrow, so you’re going to enjoy today. You embrace each moment.

You avoid negativity, and you can deflect any negative energy well.
You have your own unique style, taste in music, and outlook on life.”
I think it fits, lol. I’ve definitely learned a lot about deflecting negative energy (took a long time and I’m STILL learning, lol).

Here was choice number 2:
“You are wild:

You are adventurous, and you love to tell the stories of your adventures.
You are open minded and open to new experiences. Finding new things to love is a minor obsession of yours.

You are entertaining and a total charmer. You know how to liven up a group of friends. You don’t value structure or order much in your life. It kills the spontaneity.”
Oh yes, lol. I went on 2 hikes in the desert during my trip home…I’ll let you guess how often I stayed on the trail and away from climbing on the cliffs 😉

You Are a Dreamer

“You are eccentric without even trying to be. You are just sort of naturally odd.
You aren’t a detailed oriented person at all. You prefer to focus on ideas instead.

You have so much fun thinking, dreaming, and planing. You hardly have time for friends.
You tend to think up the most innovative things. You mind knows no limits.”

I do think I’m eccentric, I love trying new things. I love ideas. They’re uderappreciated in my opinion. I think people should be more open minded and ask more questions. However, the perfectionist in me gets bogged down in the details, so I can’t say this quiz is completely accurate. But I do hope to be a innovator in the future.

That’s a really interesting mix to be both open and a perfectionist. Did you know that’s often the profile of artists and entrepreneurs? I relate to feeling that way as well – although I’m only a perfectionist in some aspects of my life.

I did not know that. 🙂
I have no artistic talent, but I was hoping on starting up a business of my own someday. Thanks for that tidbit, it motivates me. 🙂

Me too! 🙂
I guess that means you also liked the green eye makeup. Green is my favorite color, but I don’t think it looks great on her. With her green eyes, it looks too monochromatic for my liking. My eyes are also green, so it sucks not being able to wear green makeup well.

I don’t think there’s any reason for my eyes to change color. I think it could be possible for eye-color to look different in varying surroundings because of how humans perceive color. I love watching optical illusions, so I’ve seen this firsthand.

What do you think?

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