What Do You Love About Thanksgiving?

What’s Thanksgiving all about for you? Do you love the food? The family get togethers? The naps? Take my latest quiz to find out – What Do You Love About Thanksgiving?

Comment below and tell me your absolute favorite thing about Thanksgiving!

12 replies on “What Do You Love About Thanksgiving?”

You Love Relaxation (this result really proves how tired I am today… :-o)

You truly enjoy Thanksgiving, and you like to take time to savor it. You take it easy.
You like to be lazy, and you don’t mind just hanging out on the couch for most of the day.

You’re not the type to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate one.
You wish every day could be centered around good food, good company, and good entertainment.

You love food.

Hah, I guess that’s true for Thanksgiving. It seems to me like a holiday based on food, so it’s not very surprising.

You Love the Family

Your family may not be perfect, but you love spending time with them. The holidays are important to you.
You are sentimental, and your emotions are very deep. You like remembering old times and making new memories.

You look forward to Thanksgiving every year because it’s one of the few times the whole family is together.
You love catching up with everyone and simply just being together. There’s no substitute for family.

I’m not very sentimental, and as for deep emotions, that depends what you mean by deep

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