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  1. Yay, another picture test! And another one that has me torn between 2 choices, lol.

    First choice was the desert picture (which is where I am at right now, lol):
    “You are inspiration oriented

    You’re artistic in many ways – be it writing, acting, music, drawing, or painting.
    You are confident and full of hope. You inspire others simply by being yourself.

    You are full-hearted. No matter what you’re doing, you give it your all.
    You have grand schemes – both for your own life and for changing the whole world.”

    Second choice was the beach (also where I’m at right now, lol. I’m at a desert lake city):

    “You are happiness oriented:

    You are lively and inspiring. People love to be around your energy.
    You try to make every day feel like a vacation, even if you have other responsibilities.

    You are hard-working and persevering. You don’t take no for an answer.
    You believe in yourself and in others as well. A lot can come from giving someone the benefit of the doubt.”

  2. “You Are Simplicity Oriented”

    The description is pretty accurate. I love these little picture quizzes. If you can really even call them quizzes…

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