The Gender Predictor

Do people ever get your gender wrong online? Or are you totally true to your gender? Take my latest quiz to see what a computer thinks your gender is: The Gender Predictor

Comment below with your result. Did the quiz get your gender right or wrong?

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I love almost all of your quizzes!! This one, however, seemed very predictable, even a bit sexist. Many of these are stereotypes- that men care more about attractiveness in a partner than women do, or that women are more likely to cry during movies and like romantic comedies. I understand it’s just a quiz, but compared to many of your other quizzes, this one seemed out of place.

Thanks for the feedback. I felt like since the quiz was based on social science research, it wasn’t sexist to write it. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one 🙂

Huh. I’ve been taking Blogthings quizzes since a few years ago. I like how you upload a new one each day, and it’s become a habit of mine to take one each day. I’ve taken all of them so far. I just found this discussion feature recently, and think it’s a great idea. Are you the one who makes the quizzes, Kari? I wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of the BT team. 🙂

Thanks so much, Anna! I like to put out a new quiz every day 🙂 And yes, I write all of them. The only other person working on Blogthings is my husband, and he does the tech side of things. I really appreciate your kind words 🙂

Wow! It’s great to finally meet you. I have so many questions. Like, How many quizzes do you have on hand? As I’m sure you don’t create a new one each day from scratch. And how do you determine the results of a quiz, based on how the questions are answered? As in, what kind of research do you do? I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for my babbling LOL.

On topic, my result for this quiz was “Man.” Hah, I guess I like to be logical most of the time. I don’t know if that says more about me or women in general. 😉

I tend to be worked ahead anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on my upcoming schedule! I always wish I was more worked ahead though 🙂

As far as what I do to determine quiz results, some of it is directly pulled from research. Other times it is more intuition, which is probably heavily colored from doing a lot of reading.

As far as research goes, I read psychology books, blogs, and even academic journal articles. I am always looking for more sources too!

Thanks for introducing yourself. It is truly a pleasure to get to know someone who enjoys my quizzes so much 🙂

I actually just noticed the “Ask Blogthings a question” page, so I apologize for asking questions that have already been asked many times. Thank you for still answering them though. 🙂

I don’t know of too many sources for information, but PubMed is a great one if you set the filter for only free articles. PM also has a good psychology wiki if you’re looking for something specific. There’s also Google Scholar. Those are the only peer-reviewed ones I know, so you know their info is accurate. 😉

No worries! Chatting with Blogthings friends is my favorite thing, and I never would be annoyed for too many questions 🙂

Thanks for the information sources! I checked them out, and they are exactly what I’m looking for.

While I get that this quiz is just supposed to be for fun, is it really necessary to enforce these stereotypes? The result I received was “You are a woman”, which is true. The explanation listed does fit me (at least to an extent), but this quiz is still basically just listing a bunch of stereotypes. I love taking blogthings quizzes, but I’m kind of disappointed with this quiz.

I got ‘woman’, and I’m proud to be one…
Some points didn’t really match my personality, though… I never cried during a movie, and I don’t really care about my looks (I got this idea of beauty that defy stereotypes and common standards, some people just find it weird).
The last question’s the toughest one. I like both mystery novel and history book in equal amount, so it took me almost five minutes considering my last answer (I eventually chose ‘history book’ seeing as I’m currently reading R. Harris’s history novel titled Conspirata).
I’m wondering about the last question. According to the scientific data you mentioned, which gender tend to choose which book? Based on my amateur observation, my ‘more girly’ friends think mystery novels to be heavy, and history books even more so…

Interesting! I can relate on the book question as well because there are many genres I like. According to research, men prefer history and women prefer mystery.

I’m a female, but the result was male. Lol!

But it is true; I love technology and how things work, and I like knowing the facts. At the same time, though, I love art, design, & literature. And I can get quite sentimental and emotional at times too. I’m a solid split between the genders. And that’s cool with me. 😉

You Are a Woman
Like most women are in touch with your emotions, and you believe that crying can be cathartic.
You aren’t going to apologize for having a tender heart. You’re moved by so much in this world.

You love art and literature. You think stories are important, and you tend to gravitate towards fiction.
≈You love beautiful things, and you have an eye for design. Beauty is important to you, especially your own.

I am a woman but I never cry during movies and I absolutely HATE romantic comedies!

I find this quiz idea really neat, but I was bummed out to see it was just a gender predictor test. I was hoping it would ask questions about the sites you go on and how you comment on things online. I must have read, “Do people ever get your gender wrong online?” incorrectly. :'(

The questions were…typical man/woman questions (it’s mostly women who cry during movies and men are usually portrayed as interested in math.) My result was “man” and I’m pretty happy with it. 🙂 Yeah boy lol

It came i am a woman and the description is really matches, what i want to ask you is about a question. Would you prefer to go out with someone better looking than you..well..i did not get that..did it mean..Yes, i prefer better looking people? but does it not seem a little rude? or if its a no..then is it not a tad bit selfish? i mean i m sure its not how its meant to be..its just that..what i felt..nonetheless..a great quiz…

Interesting feedback. One of my favorite things about Blogthings is trying to ask tough questions from time to time. I feel like that question did its job! 🙂

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