What’s Your Romance Style?

We all may fall in love, but we all fall in love differently. Some of us are passionate. Some of us are steady. Some of us are easygoing.

Find out how you fall for someone with my latest quiz:Β What’s Your Romance Style?

Comment below and let me know what you got. Is it accurate? Would you like to see more love and romance quizzes like this one?

11 replies on “What’s Your Romance Style?”

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My love style is independent!

Fiercely independent, you are unapologetically unconventional in relationships. You need your space.
You are attracted to the quirky people of all kinds. You love to celebrate differences.

You aren’t too hung up on what love should be like. You know that each love is different and evolving.
You are open to falling for almost anyone, and you don’t have a set type. You can find many things sexy.

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