How Do You Feel About Halloween?

If you only listened to the internet, you’d think everyone was obsessed with Halloween. I know that’s not the case though! We all have different feelings about the spooky holiday, and that’s why I decided to write my latest quiz: How Do You Feel About Halloween?

Let me know in the comments below what you got. And also tell me what you love or loathe most about Halloween!

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You Feel Happy About

You love Halloween. How could you not? There’s no holiday that’s this much fun!
You look forward to Halloween every year, and you really get in the spirit of things.

You can’t imagine not dressing up and not buying candy. You love figuring out what you’re going to do each year.
Halloween is always full of surprises and delights. If it’s not your favorite holiday, it’s in your top three.

I do love Halloween, the last one wasn’t so good for me, hopefully this one will be better

You know, this is a great question and I felt complied to respond. I actually enjoy Halloween, even though I don’t really participate in it. I feel it is the kickoff to the winter holiday season, BUT, what I don’t like is how everything is so commercialized here in the USA…and my complaint is that both Halloween and Thanksgiving are completely overshadowed by Christmas. I do think Halloween is a great holiday for kids…I know I loved dressing up when I was a kid and being raised in a huge family (9 of us kids) and not much money, you had to get pretty inventive at making a costume. I think there are a lot of freaky people who have screwed up the entire concept…i.e. razor blades in apples, poisoned candy, but, on the other hand, when I was growing up in the 70’s (BOY! Did I just date myself or what?!) we were totally warned about the same stuff. But I did want to comment and say that I thought this was a great post!

Thanks for your comment! I totally agree it’s a great holiday for kids, and like you, I wish it was the way it used to be a bit more. I miss all those DIY costumes 🙂

I also agree about Halloween being overshadowed by Christmas. I can’t believe there are holiday ads already. I wish it all wasn’t so commercialized!

I got the Geek result. Its definitely spot on. I get super goofy and even more geeky around Halloween. Favourite Holiday by far even if my country doesn’t celebrate it.

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