7 Replies to “Are You Brains or Brawn?”

  1. Yep, I’m brawn. It’s not that I’m not intelligent, people tell me I’m very smart, but I’m very active and spend most of my day running all over the place πŸ™‚

  2. More of a question than a comment:

    I am actually of small size since I was born and used to be an academic-oriented person even though I am of average intelligence.I started losing ‘studying steam’ around 17 years old and have been around open education system ever since.

    These days I prefer hiking and jogging , rather than reading books. I used to like novels and serious magazines like ‘Time’ and ‘Newsweek’.

    What do you think of these changes?. I have also taken weightlifting and this activity has made me look slightly larger.



    1. I think that changes like these are a natural part of life. Maybe one day you will embrace parts of your academic self once again. I believe that everything comes in cycles πŸ™‚

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