The Italian Food Test

I really love Italian food. It contains my four favorite food groups – tomato sauce, cheese, pasta, and garlic. Yum! There’s no mystery behind the inspiration for my latest quiz:ย The Italian Food Test

Do you love Italian food as much as I do? Comment below and let me know what your favorite Italian dish is.

4 replies on “The Italian Food Test”

I’m a quarter Italian, and my favorite food is fettuccine alfredo. ๐Ÿ™‚ I chose the chips and got “You are Confident” which fits me perfectly.

“You are Loved.

You are completely loyal and totally devoted to your friends. You stay true no matter what. You have a sensuous side that partners are a bit surprised by. You have a tender heart and touch.

You’re the perfect combination of simplicity and divinity. You are a secret hedonist, and no one knows how indulgent you can be. You get yourself into sticky situations at times, but you have the grace to recover beautifully.

“You are a secret hedonist, and no one knows how indulgent you can be.” Ha, ha. SO busted. The pictures tests never lie–though this one was hard, they all look so good! But that was the first one that jumped out and said, “oh, pick me!” What is that dish by the way, it looks DELICIOUS!

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