What US Time Zone Are You?

I love the United States – there’s so much to see and do. You could never cover everything in your whole life! I wrote my latest quiz to celebrate the diverse and vast country I live in:Β What US Time Zone Are You?

Comment below, and let me know your result. Also let me know if you’re an American, someone who’s traveled to the USA, or someone who has never been to the states.

16 replies on “What US Time Zone Are You?”

Central Time Zone, you’ve got me pegged (though it was hard to choose between some of those answers).

“For you, each day is new and glorious. You wake up refreshed and happy, even when things aren’t going your way. Following the rules feels natural to you. You can’t imagine living outside the law.

You love to create and preserve sacred memories. You are a very nostalgic person. You are down to earth and old fashioned. You think that most trends are overrated.”

Mountain time zone! Description is so totally me:

You love living life on your own terms. Independence is very important to you.
You value freedom, wide open spaces, and untouched opportunities. You are both driven and spiritual.

You embrace opportunities, and you do your best to make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut.
You value self-reliance, and you work hard every day to improve your life. You believe in bettering yourself.

Hi, Kari… I got the mountains time zone…
I’m not an American, I’ve never been to the states, and my time zone is approximately six to seven hours ahead of US time zone….. : )
I would like to visit the states someday, though. That definitely is a content of my bucket list…

What do you think?

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