What Are Your Attitudes Toward Women?

Gender, feminism, women’s issues… they’re all pretty loaded topics, right? Well, I decided to stir up a little controversy with my latest quiz: What Are Your Attitudes Toward Women?

I’ll let the quiz speak for itself for now, but come back after you take it and let me know what you think of your result. I’m really curious to hear your feedback on this one.

18 replies on “What Are Your Attitudes Toward Women?”

Not sure I understand my result….Our attitudes to women are largely shaped by centuries of social conditioning. Gender roles are scorched into our subconscious from an early age and few of us ever think to question them. Double standards are inherently unfair, but I don’t think that women should act like men to be successful. They can achive great things their own way – without the macho bullshit….

Yes, but of course! Men are born being a natural leader. No matter what. Women are best in the work of the emotional touch with an elegant class. Thats where there’s a saying, “Behind every success men there is always a woman!” So, i trust we know what is our real natural role as being that sexy woman with a class of motivation. Cheers to all the ladies!

“You don’t think women should try to act like men” i think women should be treated equally but that doesn’t mean they are as same as men. The women have their natural capabilities which deffer from men as a result in women can’t act as men.

Hi, Kari… I’ve always gravitate towards feminism, so I have no wonder I got the ‘Modern’ result…
If you don’t mind my asking you, is there a result in your quiz that describe the middle state between traditional and modern? Just curious…. : )
It’s a great quiz, by the way… Really like it!

I got the Traditional result. I like this quiz, but I don’t quite understand the part about double standards being unfair and “You have no problem saying a women’s place is in the home” Personally I was hoping for the mixed result because I think women could and or should be working just like men! xD (I say this because I know I love it when I buy a necklace or whatever with the money I earned. It just feels awesome knowing I worked for whatever I buy) πŸ™‚
Well anyway, it’s a great test! It made me think and ponder for a bit. lol

Hi Shana, thanks for your feedback! I agree that some of the questions are a little open to interpretation, so that may explain why you didn’t get “Mixed” even though you felt you should. You may have been one point away from that score πŸ™‚

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