The Top Ten Halloween Blogthings of All Time

It’s time for spooky and kooky quizzes again. One of my favorite parts about writing Blogthings is writing all the fun Halloween quizzes. I’ve got a couple new Halloween tests coming for you later this month, but for now, enjoy the most popular Halloween Blogthings of all time. Hope these get you in the Halloween spirit!

  1. What Kind of Monster Are You?
  2. The Halloween Cupcake Test
  3. What Halloween Character Are You?
  4. Are You a Vampire or a Werewolf?
  5. What Kind of Horror Movie Are You?
  6. What Scary Movie Are You?
  7. What Halloween Costume Should You Rock?
  8. What’s Your Halloween Horoscope?
  9. Are You A Vampire, Witch, Or Zombie?
  10. The Halloween Costume Generator

And if these aren’t enough to satisfy your scary side, check out all the Halloween Blogthings.

Comment below, and let me know if there’s a Halloween quiz you’d like to see on Blogthings!

8 replies on “The Top Ten Halloween Blogthings of All Time”

1. Ghost and quite a bit of Zombie
2. Goofy and quite a bit of Skilled
3. Got Vampire but Wizard and quite a bit of Skeleton describes me better
4. Bits of both
5. Serial Killer/Satanic
6. Silence of the Lambs/The Exorcist
7. Dinosaur and some Robot
8. Romeo or Juliet (I’m not sure about this one)
9. Witch
10. Ghost

1. Alien!
2. Skilled
3. Vampire
4. Vampire
5. Teen Horror movie (not so true.. I hate horror movies. All of them!)
6. Psycho
7. Robot Costume
8. Sorceress
9. Vampire (again.. :D)
10. Death

Now that was quite the quiz break! 🙂 Except for No. 5 everything is so true! 🙂

Hmmmm… I definitely see a trend in your outcomes there 🙂 I’m not the world’s biggest horror movie fan either. I’m easily scared. Mr. Blogthings loves them, so sometimes I’ll be a good sport and watch one with him.

What do you think?

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