How Do You Lead?

Do you love to lead or is it something you reluctantly take charge? We all have to be a leader at some point, and we all have different leadership styles. Find yours with my latest quiz: How Do You Lead?

Comment below with your result, and let me know if you rather lead, follow, or get out of the way!

5 replies on “How Do You Lead?”

You are modest and humble. You don’t think you are better than anyone else in this world.
You are a compassionate and selfless person. You truly care about people – whether they’re strangers or friends.

You are very generous and giving. You expect very little in return – you’re not doing it to see what you get back.
You aren’t a natural leader, but you’ll lead if you’re called to do so. When you lead, you lead with humility.

This is true for me also. No one is better than me and I am better than no one else. I try to be compassionate and selfless. Caring is in my nature lol no matter what I do, I just can’t stop caring about someone. Eh, I am an easygoing person so when it’s time to lead, I will lead, and when it’s time to follow, I will follow. This was fairly accurate about me, and the question were thought-provoking. I enjoyed taking this quiz.

Result said I Lead Through Serving and I totally agreed! I will not lead you but I will stay right beside you and help any thing that I can. I also may not follow, unless it’s truly worth (like I follow God my Savior).

I’m so glad it rang true for you. Thanks for your comment and analysis! Very interesting 🙂 I love to see what people think of the results they get.

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