8 Replies to “What’s Your Type?”

  1. I do fall for sensitive types. Even sweet guys. Before, when I thought I was straight, I ended up with the sweet guys but never understood why despite dating guys who were quite the catch anyone girl would want, I did not feel like it was consumate love. I ended up breaking up with them, leaving them confused and in tears. With women, my experience in the past was that I was perhaps a bit too sweet and sensitive, so I kept falling for sensitive women to the point of them being insensitive in one way or another. I am all for being grounded and level headed but I like to laugh and have a quirky sense of humour too, not having to ask for permission to be myself. I do genuinely love people for who they are, I just wish people I date could also strike that level of consciousness where it is important to be yourself as it is to allow others to be themselves, laugh out loud, and not take oneself too seriously all the time.

  2. I’m a conservative, but I’m different from a lot of them since I’m unconventional and free spirited, so I got the rebellious result.

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