What Kind of Love Are You In?

couple in love holding hands
What describes the love life you have? Take this quiz to learn the truth!

So let’s say you know you’re in love. How would you describe that love exactly? Putting your love style into words can be a tricky concept, so I wrote a quiz to help you along.

What is your love like? What Kind of Love Are You In?

3 replies on “What Kind of Love Are You In?”

I am pragmatic. It puts me into perspective very well. I tried to chose a good partner and I didn’t do too badly, but sadly we are separating. Many things in her past and resentments change people and eventually made me reconsider my choice of partner. Love to me is not the romantic glamorous thing Hollywood portrays…to me it is pain and tears of joy and understanding and compatibility and bonding and many other things that simply “fit” just right. See? I am pragmatic. It must work. Next time, I know I will chose wiser.

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