How Dominant Are You?

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Do you take charge or take a backseat? Find out with this personality quiz!

Dominant people tend to get what they want and are natural leaders in life.  Are you a dominant person? It’s hard to know how dominant any of us are, aside from some of the results of our actions. If you’re dominant, no one is necessarily going to tell you that you dominate them.  Dominant people are sometimes oblivious to their own dominance as well, simply continuing on in life with “what works” – not noticing how others around them are putting the dominant person’s desires first.

Do you consider being a dominant person a good thing? I have mixed feelings about it. I do think that we live in a dominance fueled world, so it’s somewhat all a game we have to play. Sometimes I feel like pulling back on my dominant traits a bit, but then I just notice that I get more dominated by strangers and acquaintances. I guess it’s all about finding a balance. We don’t want to be overly dominant to the point of hurting others, but we don’t want to be doormats either. I suppose that the perfect balance is being assertive.

Do you take control? Take my latest quiz to find out: How Dominant Are You? I’m curious to know what everyone gets on this quiz. Comment below and let me know. Are you a dominant person?

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