Are You a Brain?

brainy woman with glasses
Are you a total brainiac? Take this quiz to find out.

I’ll be honest… intelligence is a sticky subject for me. I think that so many of us are labeled as smart and not smart at an early age, and I think those labels really stick with us over the years. I don’t really like a binary view of intelligence, although it seems like that’s what we are stuck with in our society. I think intelligence is much more malleable than people think. It’s not about who’s smart and who’s not. I am much more concerned with who is actually using his or her brain.

I don’t like to complement people on their innate intelligence, because it’s not something that they choose. To me, it’s not about the brain you were born with but how much you respect it. There are plenty of naturally smart people who don’t exercise their intelligence, as well as ordinary people who do extraordinary things. And that’s what today’s quiz is about. I didn’t want to write an intelligence quiz that was about what you’ve got but about how you use it 🙂

To me, intelligence or braininess is just how people describe it: use it or lose it. We all can be smarter, more thoughtful, more insightful, and more perceptive. It’s about exercising our brains whenever we can instead of letting them rot. It doesn’t matter if you were top of the class or bottom of the class growing up.

How comfortable are you with using your brain? Are You a Brain? Take this quiz to see if you’re using your brain to its full potential. And if you’re not a brain yet, no worries! You will be soon enough. Just keep putting that mind of yours to good use.

What do you think of this different sort of intelligence quiz? Comment below and let me know. How do you measure intelligence?

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