The Scribble Circle Test

scribble circles
What does a scribble say about you? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you like to doodle? I will be honest with you – I hated being in school with a passion when I was a kid. I found school to be excruciatingly boring and slow, and the only way I could get through it while still behaving was to doodle. So I doodled a ton during class, to the point of always having more doodles than notes. I don’t really have much artistic skills to boast about after all my doodling, but it did keep me awake in class.

Sometimes the doodles I made were more like sketches, but other times I would just scribble. To this day, scribbling is still one of my favorite ways to doodle. Scribbling is cool, because you don’t even have to look down at your page often while you’re doodling. It’s more by feel. I like how aggressive scribbling is, and sometimes it’s fun to see what comes out of all that mess. So when I saw an image set featuring some cool basic scribbles, I had a new quiz idea to play with!

What does a quickly scribbled circle say about you? Take my latest quiz to find out: The Scribble Circle Test I tried to think about how it would feel to scribble each scribble in this quiz, and I hope you feel like your result is accurate. Let me know what you think of your outcome for this one and how true it is for you.

Discussion question: Do you like to doodle? What kind of things do you find yourself doodling? Do you consider doodling to be an art form? What sort of situations are you the most likely to doodle in?

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Of all of the types, you are the most knowledgeable and perceptive. You are extremely observant.
You thrive when you are able to study things carefully. You need to take your time and develop theories.

Some people say you are a bit eccentric and detached, and it is true that you are most comfortable in your own little world.
You do your best to live an innovative and profound life. Wisdom is all you seek – simple as that.

**With our extroverted intuition, perfect result for an ENTP. ^_^

“You thrive when you are able to study things carefully. You need to take your time and develop theories.”

This is also a great example of an ENTP’s introverted thinking. Nail on the head. for me. 🙂

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