What Do You Have To Smile About?

woman smiling
What should be making you smile? Take this quiz today!

When I go to my dentist’s office, I always notice a little sign that says “Happiness is a choice.” It always gets me in the right mindset, because to be honest, I hate going to the dentist. It reminds me that my biggest problem at the dentist is not the dentist, it’s my attitude. Happiness is a choice, and I can choose to be happy, even if I have to get dental work done.

Thinking about our own role in happiness inspired me to write my latest quiz. I think all of us have something to smile about if we dig deeply enough. This quiz will show you what’s going right in your life and why you should be smiling. Do you agree?

What makes you smile? Take this quiz to learn why you should smile today: What Do You Have To Smile About?

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