Are You An Angel or a Devil?

Are you angelically good or devilishly evil? Is it possible to be both? I will admit that I am a born rebel with good intentions. So I do think that I try to be an angel, but I just end up being a devil. I can’t help it. I won’t sit still, and I won’t follow the rules! I suppose every devilish person considers themselves to be an angel though – at least as far as intentions go.

Is the angel sitting on your shoulder winning? Or is the devil telling you what to do? It’s sometimes hard for us to get a clear picture of our own morality. We never really know what is normal, and it’s hard to admit our darkest parts to ourselves. Sorry to paint such a bleak picture, but the good news is that there is always room for improvement.

I’ve found that we are all curious about how evil we are, at least by the world’s standards. I would never tell anyone if they are evil or not, let’s be clear about that. So when I write quizzes about good and evil, I try to go by how the world sees these terms. I am by no means a moral authority, just a quiz writer. Now that that disclaimer is out of the way…

Take my latest quiz to find out how good or evil you really are: Are You An Angel or Devil? This quiz may have a lighthearted title, but it’s quite serious! Find out how evil you’ve been this year. (Of course, evil is totally relative and open to interpretation!) No matter what your outcome is, there’s still time to turn your life around… or turn towards the dark side 😉

Take Are You An Angel or Devil?, and let me know what you get. Are you an angel or a devil? Comment below and let me know. And while I did describe myself as devilish about, I did get angel on this quiz. Maybe I’m more angelic than I think? 😉

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That was a good quiz, but the last question wasn’t fair because Rhi crys over every. Literally spilt milk. Thrice. Oh well, I got angel. Not kidding, I burst out laughing. It was a shock. xD

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