What Kind of Storm Are You?

If you were a storm, what kind of storm would you be? Would you be sneaky like an ice storm? Destructive like a tornado? Unpredictable like a hurricane?

Take my latest quiz to find out: What Kind of Storm Are You?

3 replies on “What Kind of Storm Are You?”

I wonder how many more missed quizzes there are

You Are a Blizzard

You are both dangerous but beautiful. People both welcome you and fear you.
You can cause a lot of trouble and even destruction. Some would argue that you’re worth it though!

You tend to overtake people and change everything. You aren’t subtle, but you are sometimes hard to see through.
There is a quiet and stillness that you sometimes bring. Some find you to be quite peaceful.

The result reminded me of this. Quote unquote: “In ice there is perfect tranquility, perfect order, and the silence of death.”

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