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Are you a bibliophile? I think there’s two types of people in this world… those of us who love books, and those of us who say we love books πŸ˜‰ I think we book lovers know deep down that we are the real deal, because we are downright addicted to everything bookish. I can’t pass a row of books without looking to see what’s included, and forget about bookstores. I can definitely spend hours in those. Libraries too.

So yes, I am definitely in the first category – I am a total bibliophile. I am the happiest in my life when I have a lot of time for reading. Of course, sometimes I get into a reading slump, but usually I am in the middle of a half dozen books or so πŸ™‚ I love relaxing on the weekends with a good book. I also think that what kind of books you’re drawn to says a lot about you as a person. Do you agree?

Whether you love reading or wish you read more, I think quizzes can be a great way to get back into the swing of things. I don’t know about you, but just thinking about books makes me want to read. I’m inspired by the books I’ve loved, the books I’m dying to read, and yes, even the books I own that I can’t seem to get through. I’m also inspired by other book lovers. And I was hoping to spark some reading inspiration today with a new quiz.

Take my latest quiz: The Book Test in order to learn about your personality through the lens of how you see books. This is a scenario or oracle quiz, which means you go through the quiz picturing a scenario – and you find out what it says about you.

What do you get on The Book Test? Comment below and let me know! Would you like to see more scenario quizzes like this one?

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You are a Dreamer

You tend to have your head in the clouds. You love to be drawn in to a whole other world.

You are a rational person. You like to think through ideas, and you like the thoughts that books spark.

You are a person with many different interests. You are fascinated by everything in the world.

You are a person who loves to acquire possessions. You can’t resist a sale, and you own a lot of things.

Hi… I love relaxing on the weekend with a book too…
According to your quiz, the book I am drawn to says that I am a dreamer. That, I think, is quite true…What’s life without a ‘little’ dream to make it colorful?

What do you think?

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