Are You Hungover Today?

Did you know that today is the biggest day in the world for hangovers? Okay, I actually just made that up… but I bet it’s true. What’s your favorite way to cure your hangover?

It may be a bit painful to think about, but still take my latest quiz: What Hangover Cure Are You? Maybe you’ll figure out how to cure yourself!

One reply on “Are You Hungover Today?”

You Are Vitamins

You are the type of person who hardly ever gets a hangover. You aren’t likely to drink, and you especially aren’t likely to drink too much.
You’re the type most likely to try to take care of yourself if you’re hungover. And to be honest, hangovers are a huge reason you don’t drink all that much.

You consider being hungover to be a bad sign. It means something in your life is going very wrong. Hangovers make you feel unhealthy.
You wish you could take a pill and make a hangover go away. And right now, vitamins are the closest thing you’ve got.

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