Quiz: What’s Your Holiday Personality?


Do you have a certain personality during the holidays? I think we all do! I think it’s especially cool to notice when the holidays really make someone perk up. I love when a normally subdued person gets extra fun or festive for the holidays. There’s definitely at least one person in my family like that, and no it’s not me 😉 I’m pretty hyper year round.

I definitely think that the personality that people seem to have around the holidays reflects what the holidays mean to them. For example, I think the grinches of the world have lost the meaning they once had found in holidays. That would make me grumpy too! I think that people who have more spiritual holiday personalities are on the other end of the spectrum. They find meaning in the holidays, and they help cheer the grinches of the world up.

I think for a fun holiday occasion, it’s nice to be around people of varying holiday personality types. Everyone brings a little something different to the festivities. I love to be around outgoing people during the holidays – they always raise my holiday spirts. And I never mind being around a grinch to show me that I’m not as much of one as I think I am. Finally, we always need a responsible person to actually bake the cookies (that’s me!).

Are you spiritual, outgoing, or responsible during the holidays? Maybe this time of year brings out a new side of you. Take my latest quiz to find out what it is! What’s Your Holiday Personality?

Give What’s Your Holiday Personality? a try, and let me know what you think. Did this quiz get your holiday personality right? Comment below and let me know! I’m also curious to know if you think your personality changes drastically for the holidays, is amplified, or stays the same.

What do you think?

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