Quiz: What’s Your Soul’s Urge?


What do you truly need in life? I’m not talking about the basic needs we all have – like food, shelter, safety, health care, and family. Of course, those basic needs are the most important and urgent thing. But if your basic needs are taken care of, in my experience at least, you start to crave something more.

And in some ways, this is where life gets tricky. Let me be clear though, it is a privilege for us to all worry about our souls’ urges. For those in the world who have trouble living a safe and healthy life, soul searching will have to wait. So even though soul searching can be painful in its own way, we are lucky to be on this journey.

I know for myself, whenever my concrete problems are (temporarily) solved, more abstract problems present themselves. I wonder if I’m living my best life, what I really want out of life, and who I am at my core. These questions are tough to answer, and if you are in the middle of answering one or more of them, then maybe I can help. At the very least, I have a quiz for you!

If you’re curious to see what you really need in life, take my latest quiz: What’s Your Soul’s Urge? With this simple quiz, all you need to do is input your birthday in order to know what your soul’s true desire is. (Achieving that desire is a whole other matter though!) Even if you’re an astrology skeptic like I am, I think you may be pleasantly surprised by your quiz results.

Give What’s Your Soul’s Urge? a try, and let me know what you think of it. Does the quiz capture what your soul is craving most right now? Why or why not? Comment below and let me know what your soul is seeking.

What do you think?

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