Quiz: The Hand Drawn Heart Test


What kind of heart do you have? I love this question because depending on the day, month, or year, you may have a different answer. Our hearts grow, change, break, and heal throughout our lives. So while I do think we need to accept whatever state our hearts are in today, we don’t have to live with those hearts forever. Our hearts will evolve over time; it’s practically guaranteed.

Is your heart intense? Idealistic? Content? I’m curious about the emotional state of your heart today and today only. At some point we all have intense, idealistic, or content hearts. In my mind, it is all a cycle. Hearts start out strong, they get broken, they heal, and then eventually – if all goes well – hearts are stronger than ever. So it all really depends on where you are in the process.

It is sometimes difficult for us to see the own state of our hearts, but I think it’s so important for managing our relationships effectively. For example, if you have an intense heart right now, maybe it’s time to simmer down those passionate feelings! But if your heart is idealistic, then it may be time to give someone a second chance.

It’s actually really easy for you to find out the state of your heart. No open heart surgery required 😉 Just take my latest quiz, The Hand Drawn Heart Test Pick the hand drawn heart you like best, and you’ll learn all about that heart of yours! I’d like to think it’s a very simple quiz with a very deep result.

Give The Hand Drawn Heart Test a go, and let me know what you think. Does your result reflect the state of your heart? Comment below and let me know. what you think of this heart quiz. Can you picture your heart in your head? What does it look like?

What do you think?

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