What’s Your Handbag Personality?


Do you love handbags? I have to say that I am into them, although I certainly don’t have the budget to be a high end handbag collector.  That’s okay – I buy my handbags on sale and really treasure each one. I love how the right handbag can give an outfit that pop of color or personality that it needs. A neutral outfit may be sort of boring, but not if you carry a big, bright bag with it!

For a long time, I never got the obsession that some people have with handbags, but I do understand it better the more I enjoy fashion. Now I may not be part of the handbag obsession club (the price tag of admission alone keeps me out), but I do appreciate a nice handbag when I see one out in the world.

Sometimes we agonize over the smallest details in our lives… like accessories. It may seem silly to wonder what watch or shoes to wear, but these little details say a lot about you. This is why shopping can be full of such highs and lows. We hate the low of needing something but not finding anything that works with our style. But when we find an item (like a handbag) that is just our style, it is the most amazing high!

Any woman would argue that the handbag she carries says a lot about her, and that was the inspiration for my new quiz: The Handbag Test You simply pick the handbag you like best, and then you learn a little about your personality.

Take The Handbag Test, and let me know what you think. Does the outcome you get describe your style well? Comment below and let me know. I’d also love to hear about your favorite handbag – what color is it?

What do you think?

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