Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Month Say About You?


If you’re anything like me, you probably have a favorite month. I would say that my favorite month is almost certainly October, for a multitude of reasons. October is the month that it truly starts to cool down in Austin, which is something I look forward to each year. Of course, Halloween is another thing I love about October – because you can’t beat dressing up, being scared, and eating treats. Finally, I am sort of an election nerd, and while November is election month here in the US, a lot of campaigning and early voting gets started in October.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite month? If you’re drawing a blank, then consider that maybe your favorite is your birth month. Or maybe your favorite is the month of your number one holiday or your favorite weather. If you’re at a loss, start with your favorite season and work back from there. The most important thing for taking my quiz to today is having a favorite month. So think carefully and select one for the purpose of today’s quiz 🙂

You may be surprised to know that your favorite month reveals a lot about your personality. You kind of knew I was leading up to this though, right? Take my latest quiz, What Does Your Favorite Month Say About You? Since all you need to take this quiz is your favorite month, it’s a total quickie. You don’t have any excuse not to take it!

Give What Does Your Favorite Month Say About You? a go, and let me know what you think of it. How well does your result for your favorite month describe you? Comment below and let me know all about you and your favorite month. And if you have a second favorite month, that’s cool – just take the quiz again.

What do you think?

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