Quiz: What Language Are You?


Have you ever dreamed of learning a foreign language? If you are like most people, there’s a language or two that you wish in your heart that you spoke better. For me, so many languages quality – I collect foreign languages, which is a lot of fun. However, I don’t speak any of them well 🙂 I guess if I listened to my heart, the language I’d really like to speak better is French.

There’s something magical about a language we weren’t born knowing. Everything sounds a little more poetic or a little more interesting. Do you agree? Even if you don’t speak any languages other than English, I bet there’s a foreign language that you love to listen to. Of course, I love to listen to French, but I also think Italian is equally beautiful – maybe more so because I understand less of it, haha.

I am trying to have more foreign language in my life these days, without putting pressure on myself to become fluent in any particular language. So for me, this may simply mean watching more foreign films (can’t get enough of French comedies). Who knows what else? It may also mean watching foreign news (with subtitles of course). It could even mean some foreign travel… now that one sounds nice!

To learn what language is most like your personality, take my latest quiz: What Language Are You? This isn’t about what language you should learn, but you may want to learn the language you get anyway! This quiz may inspire you to learn a whole new language… or simply travel to a new country.

Take What Language Are You?, and let me know what you get on this quiz. Did you get a favorite foreign language? If not, which foreign language do you love the most? Comment below and let me know.

What do you think?

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