Are You Money?

whatdollarbillareyouquizIf someone were to ask you what dollar bill you were, you’d probably say $100. But not so fast… bigger doesn’t always mean better. Not everyone is willing to accept $100 with open arms.

What about the quirkiness of a two dollar bill? Or the flexibility of a one dollar bill? Aha, so maybe what dollar bill you are isn’t so simple! Take my newest quiz What Dollar Bill Are You? to learn what you match up with the best.

3 Replies to “Are You Money?”

  1. You Are a Two Dollar Bill

    You are a very quirky character. In fact, you’re so weird that you’ve got some people doubting your authenticity.
    You may not have a lot of money, but you certainly make up for it with creativity and downright wackiness.

    You are very resourceful. You’re the type of person who is able to barter their way up from a penny to a million dollars.
    You don’t need money as long as you’ve got your wits. For people like you, money is practically irrelevant.

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